Natural cosmetics and chemical cosmetics have their own benefits and demerits. Most people referred to the chemicals rather than natural cosmetics because of their brand and popularity. But they don’t imagine that the chemical cosmetics can be harmful to their skin and even some other skin effects which mat leads to the vanish of their natural color.

On the other hand, natural cosmetics are very much cheaper and affordable for every category of people and they have the quality of redemption therapy but they will act a little bit slower rather than chemical cosmetics. Due to this characteristic of the natural and chemical cosmetics companies are coming up with both types of products according to people choice and demands.

Here are some distinguishable characteristics of both Natural and Chemical cosmetics:


  • Better for your pores and skin and is no longer probably to motive pores and skin allergies.
  • The shelf existence limit as the product is natural and does now not contain parabens.
  • Not toxic to the skin.
  • Helps your pores and skin sluggish down the getting older system due to the anti-oxidants in the product.
  • Safe to use on kids and human beings with touchy skin.
  • Results take longer to see however, it is longer lasting.



  • The chemicals and artificial substances are possible to purpose skin hypersensitive reactions and reactions.
  • Has a longer shelf life due to the preservatives in the products.
  • Can be toxic to the pores and skin relying on the ingredients.
  • Damages your pores and skin when used long-time period and depletes the skin’s natural elastic production.
  • Not protected to use on sensitive pores and skin kinds or on children.
  • Results are seen in a shorter duration of time however, the results are no longer long-lasting.


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