Bananas health benefits and facts

Bananas health benefits and facts

You will find bananas everywhere and almost in every season. It is one of the most affordable fruits available everywhere. So why don’t you check out the health benefits of Bananas and include them in your diet? So here you go. Bananas contain potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and sources of fiber and various antioxidants and phytonutrients. Taking banana every day can improve muscle development and a banana contains fiber that provides energy to the body. Also, it is very good for digestion, heart health, and weight loss. With no delay, let’s see the Banana's health benefits and facts.


  • Bananas contain many important Nutrients

Bananas provide all the important nutrients. Bananas may differ in size, color and shape in different places. But the most common type is the Cavendish. This is the type of dessert banana which is green in color when unripe and in yellow as it matures. As an average one medium typed banana contain 118 grams of fiber.

  • Bananas may improve digestive health

Are you suffering from constipation? Then Banana can help you like nothing else. Bananas contain starch and fiber that will take water from the intestines towards to stool. This will improve digestion. But make sure not to eat unripe bananas. The unripe bananas will be hard to eat and it may take make digestion harder.

  • Bananas may aid weight loss

Weight loss and Bananas have great sync. Although no tests proved that banana will help you reduce weight, people believe it. Bananas contain calories that can help you reduce hunger. Each banana contains 100 calories but it is very nutritious and provides healthy weight.

Bananas health benefits and facts

  • Bananas may have benefits for exercise

 You should not forget Bananas if you want to be fit. Yes, Bananas are the best food for those who do exercise. They contain minerals in large numbers that will help in better digestion. So while doing exercise Bananas will provide energy to exercise to do more every day. So if you are looking to have healthy exercise, then eat Bananas every day.


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