Check out the prevention of kidney stones

Check out the prevention of kidney stones

In fact, Kidney stones are the commonly seen disease in the age groups of 30 and above 30. Kidney stones are the hard mineral deposits that exist in the inner parts of our kidneys. They cause extreme pain when they pass through the urinary tract. According to the stats, 15% of Americans are affected by these kidney stones every year and you have another chance to get another one within ten years once you affected with this. No one can exactly tell you the tips to prevent this dangerous one especially when your family history was already faced. However the

Precautions to take to prevent the kidney stones:

By managing the diet and the nutrition plan we can maximum reduce the risk of getting kidney stones:

1. Stay hydrated: Even doctors advise you to take a high quantity of water because by in taking huge water quantity we can have the more chances to urinate the forming stones. Citric acid-containing juices can help us in the prevention of forming stones.

2. Calcium-rich foods: The most common type of kidney stone found is Calcium Oxalate stone. Seeing this many of the people suggest you stop eating the calcium foods but the negative is true. By taking the high calcium quantity of foods there is less chance of forming kidney stones.

3. Sodium: Intake of sodium should be reduced. We can actually find sodium in the Salt. Intake of a huge percentage of Sodium also results in the formation of kidney stones.

4. Limit percentage of Fewer-oxalate foods:  Kidney stones are also formed by the oxalate. The oxalate present in our daily diet combines with the calcium and forms the kidney stones. By limiting foods like spinach, chocolates, Sweet potatoes, Coffee, beets, Peanuts, etc there are chances to reduce the risk of getting kidney stones.

5. Less animal protein: People who are addicted to eating animal meat also have a high chance to get kidney stones. The animal proteins are acidic and may result in an increase in urine acid. This can result in the formation of the calcium oxalate kidneys.

Check out the prevention of kidney stones

By following the above steps, we can reduce the maximum chances of getting Kidney stones. 


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