Diet plan for pregnant women one to five months

Diet plan for pregnant women one to five months

When we consider the before years we can observe that pregnant women’s are been handled and helped by their moms or their aunt’s. But at present many of the women are far from their parents and also wish to stay at the city borders. Now they are been helpless in planning diet or being cared for. Planning a perfect diet will help you in a smooth pregnancy and the first 1 to 5 months are very important. So here is a perfect pregnancy diet for 1 to 5-month pregnant ladies.  


Check out the tips in the diet plan for pregnant women.


  1. Vitamin C:  Since there is heavy blood flowing in your body, you can get to experience the bleeding gums. If the situation becomes a little worse then it could also lead to Gingivitis. By consuming high quantities of Vitamin C food we can easily handle this situation.  Vitamin C also helps in maintaining all the tissues. So it is highly advised to add these Vitamin C foods into your diet. Citrus fruits are basically rich in Vitamin C, Strawberries, grapes, sweet potato and Cabbage are the other resources of Vitamin C.
  2. Veggies:  Since it s Pregency we should be very careful with indigestion and constipation.  Studies also proved that the maximum no.of women will have the Haemorrhoids during the course of pregnancy. Vegetables are very rich for the Fiber content and this Fiber content helps a lot in making you strong and very useful in this condition.
  3. Proteins: Like Carbohydrates proteins never convert into fats after they stored. Proteins also help in building up with new cells. We can find protein-rich food among the dairy products, Eggs, Lean and White meat. Pulses and legumes also help in providing the protein.
  4. Fruits: One of the considered food that is mandatory to add to the pregnancy diet. Women with pregnancy diet below 25 weeks should definitely have added fruits to their diet to get additional benefits. Like vitamin C, Potassium, Copper, phosphate and etc.

Diet plan for pregnant women one to five months

By adding the above contaminants in your diet you can be strong. 


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