How to increase Platelets count easily?

How to increase Platelets count easily?

The decreased platelet count will lead to immediate sickness. It is very essential for everybody to maintain the right number of blood platelets. Since platelets help in blood clotting, when somebody has an injury, the blood clotting is necessary. However, for healthy blood clotting, we need platelets. Not only that, certain health issues like dengue, cancer, leukemia, etc may require blood platelets to decrease the chronic illness. So here, we would like to discuss how you can increase platelets count easily and naturally.

Fresh Milk: Fresh Milk helps your body to regenerate blood platelets. As milk contains vitamin K, it is absolutely good for your proper blood clotting. Fresh milk is an essential mineral for developing blood circulation and increasing platelets.

Intake of Vitamin K rich food: As already mentioned, vitamin K is most needed for the increase of platelets. So here are a few vitamin k rich foods you can take to increase blood platelets. Spinach, broccoli, cabbage, okra, mustard greens will help you in increasing platelets.

Papaya Leaves: Papaya has so many health benefits. In case if there is a sharp decline in the platelet count due to dengue or malaria fever, then Papaya leaves are the best source to increase platelets. All that you need to do is, boil papaya leaves in water and drink the juice. It will show quick results.

Vitamin A rich Foods: We have discussed Vitamin K for the regeneration of platelets. So let us tell you that Vitamin A helps you in the healthy production of platelets. The healthy proteins in the body will provide proper growth. Adding carrot, kale, pumpkin and sweet potatoes to your diet can easily increase blood platelets.

How to increase Platelets count easily?

Iron Intake: It is always said that iron promotes the production of required cells in the body. Iron can also reduce anemia. So including pumpkin, leafy greens and pomegranate to your regular meals can load iron in your diet. This will truly support the increase of healthy platelets.

 Not only these food habits but also regular health checkups and exercise will help you keep your platelets in the count.


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