Check out the cure for Lung Infections.

Check out the cure for Lung Infections.

Generally, lung infection is caused by the Virus or Bacteria or even by fungus. As of now the most common types of Lung infection are called pneumonia. It affects the smaller air sacs present in the lungs caused by contagious bacteria or can also be caused by the virus.  This lung infection is the transmittable disease caused when the people breath the air near the infected person sneezes or coughs.

How the lungs are infected:

Generally, The air we intake is been carried to the lungs by the Bronchial tubes. The infected air that contains the contaminated virus infects these tubes known as the Bronchitis. The virus can also directly attack the lungs or the air passages via bronchial tubes and that is known as the Bronchiolitis. Generally, Lung infection is very mild but it is compared to the very strong infection for people with low immunity systems.


Symptoms of a Lung infection:

  1. Cough with thick mucus: Coughing helps to clear the mucus that presents in your lungs. If you have the lung infection then there is an excess of mucus present in your lungs and when you cough you can see that mucus through your split.
  2. Stabbing chest pain:  The pain in the chest that is caused by the lung infection is described as sharp or stabbing. This pain is worse when you cough.
  3. Fever: It is very common for people with weak immunity to get the chance of fever when their lungs are affected with infection.
  4. Running nose: Including the Body pains, Fatigue, Running nose is also commonly seen when you are affected with the lung infection.

Check out the cure for Lung Infections.

Cure for lung infection:

It is better to consult the doctor for confirming the disease. Later the doctor suggests you with some of the anti-biotics. However, anti-biotics have fewer chances of viral infections. In the meantime, you can support your body to fight against disease-causing germs. Here are the few tips that actually help you

  • Take acetaminophen and ibuprofen to reduce fever
  • Intake high quantity of water
  • Better to try hot tea with ginger and honey
  • Gargle saltwater
  • Give more time to take rest
  • Take the advised medication until you feel better


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