Do you have an Air purifier in your home?

Do you have an Air purifier in your home?

The Air in our homes is not completely safe these are what the experts say too. Considering this many of the people use the air purifiers in their homes. This is also known to many people. Actually the air inside our home contains a higher concentration of dangerous chemicals than the air outside. These can be formed due to many reasons like the fur of pets, Ac’s, Smokers, cleaning products, etc. So, there is a need to control this house pollution, However, We can clean this only through the air purifies that can be implemented in our houses. In this article, we are about to explain whether they are safe or not.


Are the purifiers harmful and are dangerous to a human?

 Generally, all the Air purifiers are not so dangerous, but the purifiers can be dangerous when the generated Ozone can pose a dangerous threat to you and your family. Ozone that is released by the purifiers can create irritation to your respiratory system. Although there are many secured and safety precautions like protecting us from the harmful radiations and fresh air they are a little dangerous. By regular inhaling, the air that is released by the air purifier one can be affected the chest pain, cough, and Irritating respiration. Ozone released from these purifiers can also disturb or worsen the chronic respiratory system and can also cause diseases like Asthma, and some of the diseases that can affect the respiratory system. If you are intended to put this one in your children’s bedroom make sure once that it is not the similar one which releases ozone.


 Do you have an Air purifier in your home?

Then what type of Air purifiers we can use?

 It is suggested to use the Air purifiers that won’t release the Ozone. I cannot conclude that they are safer but can give you a suggestion that is best and safer than the purifiers compared to the purifiers which release the Ozone.

So, from the above lines, I can conclude that the Air purifiers which release the Ozone are more dangerous than the air inside our house with no purifiers. Hence it is suggested to use the Air purifiers that won’t release the Ozone chemical.


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