Do you know the intake of juice is bad for your health| Know Why?

Do you know the intake of juice is bad for your health| Know Why?

Many surveys state that the intake of healthy juice with the combination of a balanced diet is the only best way to keep you healthy. But there are few reasons to negotiate Juice from the diet which keeps us healthy. Do you know the intake of juice not only a stored one but also the fresh juice is also bad for your health? Check out the reasons why juice is bad for your health.

According to the survey 9 in the 10 people believe that intake of liquids like juices can keep them healthier. But the real fact is that they are really dangerous for health. We can take the juice in occasional times but regular intake of juice can harm you.

1. The body has a capacity to detoxify itself: Do you know, all the functioning of liver and kidneys, they are generally designed to detoxify our own body by their own.  In fact, the fructose which is in the liquids or the juices slows down the process of detoxication.

2. Juices can compromise the vitamin Absorbtion:  Generally, we consider the juices as the vitamin-rich fluids. But you do not know that intake of juices regularly can compromise the vitamin absorption process.  

3. The juice is bad for the teeth: People consider the soda is bad for the teeth. They think that the taking of soda can reduce the calcium capacity which is implemented in our teeth. But comparing with juices the soda is far better. Intake of juices harms our teeth double time than soda.

Do you know the intake of juice is bad for your health| Know Why?

4. Fruit juices can also link with Heart disease: While it is a pretty much-known fact that the intake of the diet which is rich in fruits can reduce heart diseases and sudden strokes. But according to the experts, regular consumption of the fruit juices can increase the blood pressure which later affects the heart.

5. Consuming regular juices can also lead to the occurrence of type 2 diabetes:  The study says that diets rich in fruits are the reason for the increase in insulin resistance. We actually leave the skin and seeds of the fruits which are generally rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fiber content, etc. So without this all insulin spikes even higher and after a few days, you can be attacked with type 2 diabetes.

So not only benefits but there are even more consequences by consuming the juices. So I suggest you consume fruit juices in occasional times.


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