Do you know which type of face will be more attractive

Do you know which type of face will be more attractive

When you look a stranger what is the first thing you will notice? I actually notice his face. There are different types of people and there are different types of faces for each of them. But do you know there are only 6 shapes of faces around the world? I am in an intention to introduce you to all the six types of thee face shapes that are common for all in the world. Actually, we can have that particular shape from genes.

The different types of face shapes- What’s yours?

  • Square: Generally this type of face has a square-like chin, where the forehead and the jawline are of the same width.
  • Oval: This type of face shape contains length which is 1.5 times than its width. The forehead of this face is wider than their chin
  • Pear: It is also called as Trapezoid face shape.  In this shape, the actual length of the jawline is greater than the forehead. The chin also a little broad.
  • Heart: This type of face has a wider forehead and chin. The chin will be pointy and also have a narrow jawline.
  • Round: Round shape of face has the same width and length. Generally, the persons with this shape have chubby checks and have a circular look.
  • Diamond: Diamond-shaped faces have a wider cheekbone and the jawline and forehead are little narrow
  • Oblong: These types of faces have a longer face length. The chin is pointy for them.

Do you know which type of face will be more attractive

Most attractive face shape:

Before mentioning the most attractive face we should first discuss that there is a lot of room for individual variance. However, attractiveness won’t fully depend upon the shape of the face. The other factors like facial expressions and some more stimulation are attractive. But generally, round shape and oblong face shapes are considered to be more attractive. This is considered because there is the width in the face that can clearly open up with the eyes and appear to be more prominent. This shape faces can also clearly express their smile which is considered as the first weapon to attract anyone. This does not mean the other shapes look ugly, But the comparatively round shape and oblong are more attractive.


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