Fastest spreading tropical disease

Fastest spreading tropical disease

We may witness many diseases like fever, cold, cough, etc but did you ever affected with one of the deadly and harmful diseases which is also called the world’s fastest-spreading tropical disease? Or can you guess what maybe it? No worries it is nothing but Dengue. You all are familiar with this word Dengue. There are stats that about 20 percent of the world’s population are already affected by dengue. People even die when they are affected by dengue, with no proper treatment. Now in this article let us check out the total history of the Dengue.


How was Dengue infected?

Generally, Doctors and scientists compare dengue in the fever category? This Dengue fever is been affected by the Bloodsucking annoying mosquitoes. Particularly in tropical countries, these mosquitoes transmit the virus named dengue that kills thousands of people every year. As we already discussed dengue is now considered as the world’s fastest-spreading disease in tropical countries and there is an estimation that even this disease can spread all over the world within low time.

This disease is actually spread by the female mosquitoes of the Aides type. When they injected this virus into our body it affects directly the immunity system of the particular body.


Fastest spreading tropical disease

Symptoms of Dengue fever:

The major drawback of this disease is that the symptoms can be seen after the 14 days of the infection. This may last up to till the date of cure;

  1. Sudden, high fever: After the six days of the infection you can generally feel the severe headache, pain behind your eyes and followed by a sudden and severe fever.
  2. Severe joint and muscle pains: Muscle and joint pains are common for the people who are affected by the dengue virus.
  3. Nausea: After a weak later you affected with the fever, you can observe nausea and vomiting regularly you can also observe rashes upon your skin.

Cure for this Dengue fever:

It is better to check up your blood whether there is a dengue virus or not latter fo and have a meet with the doctor. He can suggest you with better medicines for the cure.

But in my opinion, always prevention is better than cure. So keep your surroundings clean. Apply creams that protect you from Mosquito bites. Dress your kids in full sleeves and pants.


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