Fitness tips for broad shoulders

Fitness tips for broad shoulders

Why do people talk so much about wide shoulders? Is it mandatory to have them? No, actually it is not mandatory to have wide or broad shoulders. But people having the broad or wide shoulders look like widening up their body. However, there are certain tips to make our normal shoulders broad. But you have to first know that you actually can change the width of the shoulder. No, you can't actually change the width but you can change the certain degree of your shoulder. However, there is no change in the bone shoulder that is determined mostly by genetics. Now check out the simple and better tips for the broad shoulders.


Tips for the broad or wide shoulders

  1. Seated rear lateral raise: To do this exercise all you need to do is to sit on a bench’s edge with dumbbells toward you. By bending forward and resting your torsos on your thighs do not forget to keep your back flat. Slowly start lifting the weights up to side until you reach the elbows at shoulder height. Hold this exercise for a few seconds daily.
  2. Face pulls: For this exercise, you need a rope and that is to be fixed to an end. It is fixed at your chest height. Now by holding the rope lean-to backward and create some tension. Now pull back the cable by sitting back on your toes. Repeat the process for few times.
  3. Dumbbell Front raises:  Keep a dumbbell in your every hand. Place your hands in front of you facing thighs. Start lifting up the dumbbells parallel to the floor. Repeat this process for a few minutes.
  4. Degree incline row: Keep your stomach to the 45-degree incline to the bench. Hold each dumbbell in each hand and make the starting point as the knee. Now pull back your hands repeat this exercise for two to three minutes or for the 15-20 reps.


Fitness tips for broad shoulders

By doing the above all exercises you can have not only the broad shoulders but also develop the muscles without the need for tricep and bicep exercises. You should also check that the exercises you do should be under the expert's surveillance or guidelines. 


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