How music makes you feel Happy

How music makes you feel Happy

What happens when you listen to music? The common answer we came to know from a study was listening to music makes to feel good or positive.  Generally, you can see many people plug in their earphones to the music system or to their mobile phones and listen to music. Do you ever notice their facial expressions?  The face of the listener resembles positive vibes. It is also proved scientifically. When we listen to music the brain releases the chemical called Dopamine. Now keeping this aside when we are sad we choose to feel happy. Listening to music when we are sad generally creates a medium to express ourselves in a healthy way.  

Researchers conducted a study about this and concluded that music generally plays a vital role in consoling as well as negative swings and emotions. There are some music therapies also which are continuously experimenting on depressed people to make them happy.  In this therapy, the masters or the doctors regulate the mindset of depressed people using different types of music.  It also became one of the budding businesses in the market but it is not our discussion.  

Particularly when you listen to the sad music when you are sad, The brain releases the Prolactine hormone which we can generally notice in Women. Prolactine is released for the women when they give birth to the babies. This hormone helps in producing the lactation for breastfeeding newborn babies.  This results in a great feeling for women. This happened when we listen to sad music when we are in a depressed mood.

How music makes you feel Happy

Despite Happy, Listening to music can also motivate us:

Yes, not only happy but listening to music can also motivate us. DO you know how? Simply, the lyrics which are written for the sad song will motivate us. Music also helps us to feel happy even in lonely times too. Whether the music may be anything but at the end of the day, It can cure your depressed, bad, and any other sad music.  Even we can learn some true philosophy listening through the music. At the end of the day, we conclude that Music makes to feel better and happier. 


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