How to stop Hair fall caused due to pollution?

How to stop Hair fall caused due to pollution?

Hairloss and hair damage is heartbreaking, isn’t it? Many of us know that air pollution is harmful to our skin, but many don’t know that air pollution is harmful to hair also. Hair scalp and hair growth can be damaged due to Air pollution. The first things that get exposed to pollution are hair and skin. But by use lotions, oils and creams or other treatments skin can be protected from pollution. There are many unwanted gases and dust particles in the air and when we go out we get exposed to those and those settle down on your scalp and cause itching and leads to dandruff and hair fall. So here is an answer to the burning question “How to stop hair fall caused due to pollution?”


·        Cover your hair

The best to protect yourself from pollution is to cover your scalp with a cap, hat, scarf or something. Covering hair is a good way to protect it from any airborne particles. By covering hair we can protect ourselves toxic and harmful UV rays. So better to go out with a cap are a hat on the head to protect yourself from hair fall caused due to pollution.

·        Stay hydrated

Being hydrated can make your hair better and healthy. Hair and scalp become dry due to pollution. Taking enough water can keep your scalp moisturized. Pollution can damage and dry out your scalp. The dried or damaged scalp is the main reason for hair fall. So make sure you are taking enough water to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

·        Deep condition

Better to apply a Deep conditioning hair mask every week. That’s the best thing you can do for your hair. The deep conditioner penetrates deeply into the hair and starts hydrating hair and cures the hair. In excess over coloring and heat add additional problems to hair along with effects caused due to pollution.

How to stop Hair fall caused due to pollution?

·    Avoid oiling while exposing to pollution:

Although oil is good conditioning to hair, it attracts polluted air and dust. So avoiding oil when you are exposing to pollution can help you avoid hair fall due to pollution.  


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