Is your Sanitizer Healthy? Are Sanitizers harmful to health?

Is your Sanitizer Healthy? Are Sanitizers harmful to health?

We generally use sanitizers for cleaning purposes. We also believe that sanitizers kill almost all microorganisms like viruses, bacteria that are present in our hands. Applying sanitizer is dangerous to health the question raised at the midsection of this year. In this article, you will come to a conclusion whether using the sanitizers is either good or bad for your health.

Debate on the sanitizers

 While going to the debate the actual manufactures of the sanitizers labeled anti-bacterial and anti-microbial say that the sanitizers are not harmful to health. On the other hand, consumer advocates are not accepting of manufactures. Concluding the debate it is best to choose the common-sense approach.

How sanitizers are useful?

These sanitizers are firstly designed for hospital purposes. After completion of the operation or before starting the operation the doctors are advised to clean their hands with the help of sanitizers. As there is a continuous effect from the dangerous viruses and the bacteria the sanitizers for exterior usage won’t have that much use when compared.

 Are all sanitizers having the same ingredients?

It is very important to check that the sanitizer you are using has at least 60 percent of alcohol or not. According to scientists, the sanitizers with a low quantity of alcohol percentage are not much efficient. It is mandatory for the manufactures to maintain at least 60 percent of alcohol in single sanitizers. They also confirmed that the non- alcoholic sanitizers won’t work equally well on different types of germs.

Is your Sanitizer Healthy? Are Sanitizers harmful to health?

Are Sanitizers harmful to your health?

 Actually there is no proof that shows the alcohol-based sanitizers harm human health.  They are designed for the anti-bacterial resistance.  Which is the main reason to argue upon the usage of sanitizers? Even in the hospitals also there are no restrictions in using hand sanitizers. The doctors even refer to use Sanitizers for protecting from harmful bacteria and viruses. However, Sanitizers are very useful when compared to the hand wash soaps as they are more effective than the soaps. While the sanitizers have their position in the hospital you can’t give them a chance and keep them upon your sink.


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