Shoes odour removing remedies

Shoe odour removing remedies

After wearing the shoes you have to clean the shoes. If you didn’t clean the shoes the shoes will get the smell. You can clean your shoes on your own also. If the temperature is high then shoes get more smelly. If the children are playing in the ground then their shoes will be full of dirty.

Shoe odour removing                                                                                        

The secret of removing the odour shoes is to deal with the moisture issues. By the Baking soda also you can odour the shoes. To remove the smelly shoes you can simply make the shoe powder also.

After preparing the shoe powder then sprinkle the powder into the bottom of the shoes. Then keep like that only and clean it in the morning.

Another method to resolve the smell is, take the cotton balls and some essential oil and now dip the cotton balls into the oil and after that put the cotton balls into the shoes and remove by the next day morning. By doing like this the smell of the shoes will not come.

And the next one is placing the shoe out in the sun. After placing the shoe for 1hour remove the shoe from the sun. And the next day you can wear the shoe without smell.

Shoes odour removing remedies

Odour shoes removing in household

  By using the tea bags the Odour shoes will be clean. You have to place each tea bag in each and every shoe for 1 hour. 

And another one is that take the newspaper and poor some oil into the newspaper and keep that newspaper into the shoe. After you can remove the newspaper and throughout the newspaper when the Odour vanishes.

Another way is to use the fabric softness sheet. By placing the fabric softness sheet into the shoe and keep that sheet till the morning. After removing that sheet the Odour shoes will be clean and the shoes can use for the further purpose also. 


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