Consuming Alcohol effects less for people above 50 years

Consuming Alcohol effects less for people above 50 years

People do believe that consuming alcohol is very dangerous. Yes, it is a universal fact. But, do you know there is a small change in it. Yes, according to some studies it is proven that drinking alcohol is less harmful to some age groups. Check out more information in the below article.

Many of us know that drinking can even kill a person. But, research of the CDC (Centre for Disease Control in the United States) states that people who die from alcohol-related health issues are only due to the age group. Shocking right, but it is true and proved by the CDC. The data research stated that nearly 35 percent of the people who died because of alcohol consumption is between 20 to 49 age groups. And only 4.5 percent are from the above 50 years age group. 

Do Age matters in consuming Alcohol

Yes, age groups do matters in alcohol consumption. There are plenty of examples to tell why age group matters in alcohol consumption. Scientists stated that 80 percent of deaths are happened only because of moderate drinking. Youth who has a habit of drinking at the early age will face many health issues or even death. Serve heart-related problems are occurring to young people due to alcohol. As a resolution to this UK started a program named “Binge Drinking”.

Consuming Alcohol effects less for people above 50 years

Are above 50 age group are safe to drink

Drinking alcohol is harmful, but is less harmful to above 50 age groups. Consuming alcohol at a coffee level will reduce the chances of being effects from it. Even, there is a proverb that taking anything in excess will definitely harm to an extreme. Even it can be a medicine it is dangerous. In the same way, consuming alcohol is very dangerous to your internal system. It will lead to some kind of cancers, liver damage, brain damage and damages the entire immune system. Make sure you did not cross the borderline in consuming alcohol. So, know the limitation and drink alcohol according to the age group.


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