Do you ever felt bad when someone said you to smile?

Do you ever felt bad when someone said you to smile?

Do you know the smile on the face is one of the advantages which portray you more beautiful? Definitely 99.99 percentage of the world’s population will agree to this one. But the smile is far away from happy. Do you ever notice that? You can have fake smiles but you cannot notice fake happiness. It is true. A happy smile is the only thing that makes you beautiful. But if someone says you to smile then what is your reaction upon them.

Reasons for quitting smile: Generally people love to see a smile, and also people love to smile. If someone says I quit smiling what are the reasons that come to your mind. In my opinion, one can only quit his/ her smile when he faced a drastic or severe change in his/ her life. We can also find a person who quits smiling when he/ she want to represent themselves and thought to consider them as serious people. In that case what we can do nothing but just seeing them until they smile. Not only had this according to the recent survey the majority of people said that they generally quitted smile as they are tired because of smiling. There are many articles published upon this type of people by the famous New York Times magazine.

Do you ever felt bad when someone said you to smile?

Why people hated when they were told to smile?

Generally, there is a huge difference between laugh and smile. We consider extreme smile as the laugh. We generally find it when someone cracked a joke, or by seeing some funny activities. Now coming to smile, we even smile as a greeting. But when people stop smiling due to the bad past you went near to them and ask for a smile they react to you normal. But in the case of the serious people, you went near to them and asked for a smile they do not even bother you adding to this they may hate you also some times because they consider smile and laughter in the same version. When people say them to smile they think that smiling is their choice and it is their interest whether to smile or not.

Now the people, who are tired of smiling, always hate you when you go and tell them to smile because they lost interest upon smiling. If you again poke them smile, then they can react very bad towards you too So it’s an individual decision whether to smile or not considering them also like humans we would let them to decide to smile or not 


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