Do you know the benefits of the bad memory

Do you know the benefits of the bad memory

Do you know the benefits of bad memory | No? Then check out this latest article that can give you the benefits of a bad memory? 

Are you strong enough to remember all the things that actually happened in your past? Most of us may say No because many of the incidents that happened in our life can be forgotten by everyone. Some people think that is god gifted boon on to erase the unwanted memories. But having a bad memory by forgetting the wanted memories is a disease that says the same people. How a god gifted boon can suddenly turn into disease now. I won’t agree with this and I will say that there are lots of benefits also for having a bad memory status.

Status of memory:

Memory is the key functioning of our brain. It is essential for us to make every move. Now some people will do some work in the absence of their memory also and we can notice them too. Is this really bad for health? No says the experts generally the brain can function according to its stamina, so when we forget something or some work to do just think that your brain is now overloaded.  You do not know some of the hidden benefits that help you a little even you have a bad memory also.

Do you know the benefits of the bad memory

Benefits of having a bad memory- Here is why we feel it’s a gift

The interesting example to represent the benefits of having bad memory is; do you ever observe a long term couple. They used to say that I love you more today than yesterday. Taking this concept the psychologists said that it is not true. They also have given a little description of this they said that the actual long term couple will have a commitment for their personal well being. If you feel that you can love me more than yesterday than it is ultimately beneficial to feel positive.

Regular memory failures are generally strong methodically and deliberately and they can overcome these two types of thinking also. While they have other benefits like less work at home because your mate knows that you can forget, etc But never think it is a disease if you do little more research you can confirm it is a god gifted boon


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