Do you know there are some Harmful chemicals in your Home?

Do you know there are some Harmful chemicals in your Home?

We never thought that there will be harmful chemicals around us in our home. No one will actually get the thought of this when they are at home. But there are some people who regularly spend lots of money to clean these harmful chemicals in our house. These are not any types of chemicals. They are being produced by the products you use in your daily life. In this article, we are about to introduce some of the chemicals that are harmful to your health that can be found in your house.


Check out the list here.

1. Antifreeze: Swallowing antifreeze items can create an effect on your heart, brain, and some of your internal organs. Since inhaling this antifreeze is not that dangerous, but can cause dizziness.

2. Bleaching: Generally, people use bleach to clean their houses. Inhaling bleach is very dangerous. It mainly damages the respiratory system. You can also observe itching nose, burning of eyes and skin when you clean your house with this bleach. Experts strongly recommend having plastic gloves and dust musk when you use bleach.

3. Drain cleaners: Generally these have the same effects that are caused by the bleach. These cleaners contain lye and other harmful chemicals that give the feel of burning skin and eyes.  Swallowing this Drain cleaner will affect the throat and stomach and sometimes people even die after consuming this. So it is strictly advised to keep away from kids.

4. Ammonia: One of the things we use for cleaning purposes. Some people add ammonia to bleach and clean their houses. People suffering from asthma or heart or lung problems should avoid this. This mixture produces more dangerous effects. So its better to avoid this ammonia completely.

5. Air fresheners: Air fresheners are the regular products we use in our daily lives. Generally, Air fresheners contain formaldehyde. This chemical is very dangerous to the nervous system. The chemicals in the room fresheners irritate the skin, eyes, throat. Even medicos prefer to avoid these room fresheners.

Do you know there are some Harmful chemicals in your Home?

Considering all the above effects it is better to avoid all the above completely.


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