Sleep Deprived? Here are 5 tips for high quality sleep

Sleep Deprived? Here are 5 tips for high quality sleep

Healthy sleep has become quite a common problem in all age groups. I am not sure if it is due to a lack of proper eating habits or due to changing lifestyles. Insomnia and unhealthy sleeping, unfortunately, become common. When it comes to sleeping, everyone wants to have healthy sleep to have a peaceful day. There may be health issues that affect your sleeping habits. Unhealthy sleeping may be due to your existing health issues like diabetes, heart strokes and other health diseases. So here we want to help you with some tips for high-quality sleep.

·       Control your exposure to light

Melatonin is a natural hormone controlled by light exposure that regulates sleep and wakeup cycle. When it is dark, your brain secretes more melatonin helping you sleep. Similarly, when it is light, it keeps you more alert and keeps you stay awake. So reducing exposure to light can help you sleep healthy.

·        Exercise every day

Exercising every day will help you sleep better at night. Regular exercise improves insomnia and sleeps apnea. Exercising every day will help you sleep deep and peaceful.

·        Avoid drinking coffee

Scientific research says that avoiding caffeine will help you have healthy sleep. You may be surprised to know that but drinking coffee can cause sleep problems. It is proved that coffee will show effect for 10-12 hours after drinking. So avoiding caffeine in the evening will help you sleep better.  

Sleep Deprived? Here are 5 tips for high quality sleep

·   Reduce Irregular or Long Daytime Naps

While it is said that power naps are good for health, irregular napping will lead to health issues. Day time napping is not healthy sleeping. Day time sleeping may confuse your body's metabolism and make you struggle to sleep during nights. In fact, studies show that irregular sleep times may result in less quality sleeping.

·        Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol and cigarettes may disrupt sleep. Eating spicy meals also may cause discomfort indigestion that can interrupt your sleep. If you can avoid alcohol before bedtime it will be helpful. Alcohol may make you feel dizzy but it is not encouraged for healthy sleeping.


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