Tips to avoid Back pain

Tips to avoid Back pain

The back pain is the server problem which is mostly observed in women. Even in the younger generation, we can see many are suffering from this problem. Back pain will occur mostly from pressure, muscle stress or due to low calcium in the spinal cord. Now you don’t have to suffer anymore and get up and try up your shoelace by avoiding back pain. You can follow some daily habits to avoid back pain permanently.


Tips to avoid Back pain:   


  • Increase calcium and vitamin intake: Maintain bone strength because strong bones will help in preventing osteoporosis. Consume a large amount of calcium and vitamins like milk, yogurt, green vegetables, fish, egg, cheese, meat, and others. This helps to maintain your back spine bone stronger. 


  • Sleep with a pillow under legs: Everyone will sleep with a pillow, but use another pillow and keep it under your knees to elevate the pressure on your back spine. 


  • Wear comfortable footwear: Choose good footwear that is suitable and low heeled. By wearing low heels footwear you can reduce stress on your backbone even if you are standing for a long time. Always wear a sandal or shoes which are less than 1 inch.


  • Good Posture: Maintain a good posture to protect the intricate pieces of your spine. Sit straight and let the blood flow reach every muscle of your back to function properly. This helps in avoiding any muscle compression which results in back pain.


  • Avoid Cigarette: Smoking is very dangerous to health. You can find many people who face back pain are smokers than non-smokers. Smoking reduces the oxygen levels in the blood and restricts the blood flow in the spinal cord disks. This affects the muscle and tendons nourishment. 


  • Avoid heavy loads: Back pain will easily occur if you frequently lift heavy loads. If you want to lift heavy items bend your knees and keep your back straight and activate your leg muscles more than back muscles


Tips to avoid Back pain

  • Diet: To avoid back pain you need to be active and maintain a balanced diet. Eat only boiled food and exercise daily. 


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