Tips to Re-grow Hair

Tips to Re-grow Hair

Every day many men and women face this problem. In today’s pollution, the most damaging thing is the hair. Even at a young age, many are facing hair loss problems. I know all of you are aware of this. Many people (both men and women) have tried many formulas for re-growth of hair. But are these formulas and chemical shampoos are working for re-growth of hair. I know it is a big No! So, here I came up with few tips that can act best for your hair re-growth. All these tips are highly recommended for hair re-growth from many hair experts. Some celebrities tried and got beneficial uses from them. Check out these tips and try them for your hair re-growth.  

Hair Re-growth tips 


  • Aloe Vera: 

Aloe Vera is one of nature’s best ingredients for all beauty problems. Aloe Vera is very frequently used for hair loss treatments. Aloe Vera softens the scalp and conditions the hair. Aloe Vera is best for reducing dandruff and blocks the excess oil from the scalp. Apply pure aloe vera gel on the scalp and wash with mild shampoos. Try this at least twice a week to see the best results. 


  • Virgin Coconut oil:

Apply virgin coconut oil and massage it with your fingertips. You can even leave it overnight and wash the next day. Try it thrice a week to have smooth and bouncy hair. Coconut oil will reduce the protein level of the hair and penetrate the fatty acids that are inside that hair scalp. Coconut oil is best for hair re-growth.

Tips to Re-grow Hair

  • Onion Juice:

I know many of you cannot handle the smell of the onion, but the onion juice can do wonders on your growth. The onion juice is a successful treatment for hair loss. The onion juice can even repair damaged hair and prevents hair loss. This juice improves the blood flow of the cuticles and helps in hair growth. Blend few onions and squeeze out the juice and apply it on the scalp. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and wash your hair. Try this minimum once a week to see better results.


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